Social Stencil

Social Stencil: Building Social Skills and Inclusivity

Social Stencil is an evidence-based, neurodiversity-affirming program designed to help students in grades 3 to 8 develop practical social skills and insights. This program aims to support young people in managing peer relationships and becoming good social citizens by understanding and embracing their unique differences and those of others.

Key Features:

  • Target Audience: Designed for grades 3 to 8.
  • Program Structure:
    • 16-19 week program, run weekly.
    • Online portal with accessible materials and support.
  • Core Objectives:
    • Teach social and communication skills.
    • Develop shared language and concepts for friendships, conflict management, and self-understanding.
    • Foster a culture of respect and care through peer learning, group work, games, and discussions.
  • Program Delivery:
    • Facilitated by teachers in whole class or small group settings.
    • Introduces common vocabulary and visual concepts to explore emotions and relationships.
  • Learning Methods:
    • Whole group discussions, group challenges, and arts-inspired games.
    • Opportunities to practice and learn discussed skills.
  • Themes and Goals:
    • Understanding and appreciating social and emotional differences.
    • Encouraging reflection on social styles and trying new interaction methods.


  • Breaks down barriers to student engagement.
  • Supports a positive and inclusive school culture.
  • Enhances social and emotional skills.
  • Creates a safe space for students to navigate their social world with confidence and empathy.

Social Stencil helps build a more inclusive and understanding school community by equipping students with the skills to interact positively and respectfully with their peers.

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